Soula Mantalvanos commissioned me to make portrait of her as a marionette.  I  carved a beautiful piece of wood found in my shed that matched Soula’s skin tones. I made replicas of her designer dress, boots and jewellery.  I got a bit carried away and hand coloured the puppet’s hair to match Soula’s luxurious locks.  Soula was a great subject with her big eyes and striking features. There is a moment when the puppet comes to life and I just  have to greet it. It is like giving birth.  It was amazing to introduce Soula to the puppet when it was complete and a little hard to let my creation go.

Soula has created her own portraits of the puppet to express her experience of chronic pain.  One of her beautiful portraits of the marionette won the St Luke pallet competition and Soula was recently made a semi finalist in the Doug Moran Prize again with another portrait of the Marionette.

Soula set up a photo shoot with an amazing photographer Marija Ivkovic who took these stunning portraits of Soula posed with the marionette in front of her drawings and of the marionette.

photo by Sean Fennessy

Soula and her husband Theo live in a gorgeous warehouse apartment and their home was featured in the Design Files , my marionette was highlighted in the story. This creation is having a wonderful journey.

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