Terence Jaensch invited me to perform two short puppetry pieces for the Castlemaine State Festival ‘Let me hear your body talk’ Literary Program. Lachlan Plain and I revised ‘Adam’s rib’ that I created for a Puppetry slam and we created ‘Blue Skies’ especially for this event. ¬†Terence curated a fabulous array of performers to tell stories through art forms other than written narrative, the program included dance, poetry and a male soprano. In ‘Adam’s rib’ I tell the story of a childhood friend with two skeleton baby puppets I made and ‘Blue Skies’ is set in a nursing home with Lachlan and myself playing nurses to an elderly man writing his memoirs. I become the elderly man puppet’s young love in a dance hall and Lachlan becomes the puppet’s younger self. I made this puppet for my show ‘Death at Intervals’ and he was so popular I wanted to give him another life. I think both works utilise puppets’ ability to take an audience to emotional depths that they may resist with human actors. The festival is well worth visiting and Castlemaine is a beautiful town. The photos are by Julie¬†Millowick.

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