Urban Planners at City of Darebin offered me an unusual commission to transform Public Toilets using Art that would appeal to children and families. The toilet block  is adjacent to a playground and the Thornbury Maternal and Child Health Centre and was experiencing some anti-social behaviour. I came up with the concept of fish-eye portraits.  I thought people might be less likely to make bad choices if they have a sense of being watched.

I’ve selected a nautical theme and the expressions are innocent and I hope appeal to both children and adults.  One resident took the trouble to thank me for giving some love to the toilet block and said he was going home to pray for the safety of the work. I am grateful, so far so good. I made the rims from timber and used car wheel nuts to create the submarine look, you might like to guess what the spun steel is made from.  Landscaping and new playground equipment are on their way. If you are visiting the fruit market in Clarendon St, pay a visit to the toilets. They are in the car park opposite the market.



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