Another amazing commission from Darebin City Council this time to paint a themed playground in Link Reserve, Bundoora.  The community asked for parrots and today as I was taking photos in the park I saw a Corella (the chosen parrot). It swooped past me and screeched out a blessing… I hope of the artwork. Corellas are cheeky and playful with gorgeous coral and yellow shading on their white feathers and bright blue circles around their eyes,they sometimes hang out with Galahs and Cockatoos and yes I am becoming a twitcher.

I found some Corella feathers in nearby Bundoora Park and used them to create the shadow feathers on the outdoor steel ping pong table. Jacqui Monie the playground’s designer and Urban Planner for the council came up with the great idea of creating a zebra crossing with the feather design. The ‘feather’ crossing leads to shops where you can buy ping pong bats and balls.  Hoping to reclaim my street ping pong title from the 80s.

Oh yes and a very big thank-you to Protec Paints in Thornbury for their generosity and advice.

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