The Snuff Puppets brought their spectacular cross-cultural collaboration  with artists from Yogyakarta, Indonesia to Federation Square and invited Australian Artists to be a part of ‘Wedhus Gembel’.  The Snuffies tour their giant puppet show around the world, they left for Peru a day after the season in Fed Square. I jumped at the chance to be eaten by a monster and rebirthed as a baby monster that dances to Indonesia’s version of Gangnam style. I also multi-tasked and helped make new Village People masks and paint enormous props.

‘Wendus Gembel’ has multiple meanings it refers to the destructive gas cloud from a volcano that periodically erupts, it is the Javanese word for goat and a colloquial word for homeless person.  You can watch a highlights video here on ABC tv.  A friend saw the show and said “I loved it, it was like being in a dream”. The Snuffies rock and I am hanging out to collaborate with them in the future. It was great to meet a new crew of Australian Artists  to play with too.


Baby Monster

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