Spookmeister Stephen Taberner invited me to enter this competition and challenged me to do a bit more than wave my puppets around in front of the camera. Marcelo Zerwes agreed to film, edit and take a risk with me, much thanks to him for his superb job in creating not one but two versions. Master puppeteer Rod Primrose of Handspan and Black Hole fame offered a few crazy props and his magic hands to help me manipulate the puppets. The very amazing Kent Allen director of Micronite Film Productions also volunteered his services, to direct and film.

I have high hopes for collaborating in the future with all the creatives involved in this project and would like to make longer films with this dream team. ┬áThe Spooky Men’s Chorale are a group of male singers led by Stephen Taberner; they perform humorous songs as well as more traditional Georgian Music. The title of the song we chose ‘Tsmindao’ from the Spooky Man in History album means Holy in Georgian. The Spooky Men have toured across Australia and internationally.

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