As artist in residence at Chiang Mai University Thailand, Colleen served as Director and Creative Producer of “E-bride, the business of love” an art performance on the theme of internet global matchmaking. This bilingual work engaged multiple artforms within the grounds of the university at 14 separate locations with a cast of 40 made up of students, community members and professionals both Thai and foreigners. Video below.  The project was funded by the Australia-Thailand Institute.

video editing by Jo Robinson


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  1. [...] it was published on the Premiere Fashion Blog. The research I did for making this dress led to ‘e-bride:the business of love’, the show I produced in Thailand and the process led to my work on ‘Paper Moulage’ [...]

  2. [...] My new obsession is etching. I have been printing at the Australian Print Workshop and soaking up knowledge from the other printers. I am loving the process. The skeleton images are intended to evoke affection. They remind me of a transition from one state of being to another. I was thinking of women who drowned when being shipped to Canada during the 17th Century from France to be married off to the men waiting on the peer. I thought of them as free from slavery.  The mail-order bride theme returns that I explored in ‘It’s only a piece of paper’ and ‘e-bride: the business of love’. [...]