Performance at Bunjilika, Melbourne Museum, 2007.

Puppet Maker. ‘Old Patterns, New Beats’ was directed by Rachel Maza

I worked with Lachlan Plain to realise these puppets. They represent the spirits of the clans of the Kulin Nation. I studied the koorie grass coiling technique at the Koorie Heritage Trust with Aunty Dot a while ago. The body of each torso uses this technique. The heads were lit from within.

maker meets puppetEarl Rosas a breathtaking dancer meeting the first puppet as it hatches from Bunjil, the creator being’s egg.

Puppet meets EarlEach spirit formed the Southern Cross in a night sky.

Southern Cross Melbourne Museum

I saw these guys floating around me before they came into being

spirit figures

These shields are housed at Melbourne Museum, the patterns represent different groups of the Kulin Nation. I used the colours and patterns on the costumes of each puppet.

It was a privilege to be given permission to work on such a special commission. These spiritual beings hold great significance.

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