I made these dresses for Premiere an fashion trade show for high end labels at the Royal Exhibition for the State of Design. The dresses were made in an open studio at the event, with quite a bit of preparation beforehand and were created entirely from paper. My interview for an article about Moulage appeared on the Premiere Blog.




















My talented helpers included: Brianna Read, Hannah Cross, Haruko Ogiso, Allyssa Callow and Toshi Takahashi. Thanks to Nick Visser as well for showing me how to use a lathe to make giant knitting needles.Thanks to Juliet Wilson ex State of Design for her support.

Allyssa my gorgeous niece is wearing a silk top with the embroidered skirt as the bodice is still a work in progress. Allyssa transformed dresses into living artworks.

I feel extraordinarily blessed by the opportunity to create, the people who helped me and the encouraging feedback received. I made some industry contacts that I hope will lead to these dresses being shown in magazines and some translated into wearable fabric designs.







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